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Best vocabulary learning application

Popoky covers over 3000 words related to more than 120 topics in multiple languages, which are divided into three levels based on their frequency.

Your memorization and retention of new words are maximized by the use of interactive flashcards and games with both audio and images.

Our ranking system and community forum give you the opportunity to connect and discuss various topics with other users.

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Opportunity to learn multiple languages

Popoky currently offers over 3000 words in 5 different languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. New words and languages will be constantly updated.

Visual learning strategy

Illustrated flashcards are followed by standard pronunciation and fun games, which makes it much easier to memorize vocabulary.

Active community

Popoky creates a social network for language learners worldwide, which is an ideal environment for language and cultural exchange.

Periodic reminders and reports

Our weekly reports and daily reminders will help you track your progress and make a habit of learning new words.

Great deals

Accumulated stars can be exchanged for valuable gifts, or used to purchase many products at huge discounts.



Users comment about us

Tom Hiddleston

United Kingdom

I use Popoky everyday to learn Japanese and Chinese. This app makes learning languages fun, you feel like you’re just playing a game. But if you do a little each day, you’ll look back and see how easy it becomes and how far you have come. I recommend it for anyone trying to learn a new language!

Jacky Phan


I love being able to learn a new language right at my fingertips! Popoky is fun, easy, and without any ads. They do a great job of reminding and motivating you to stay on track.

Manh Tuong

Viet Nam

One of the great things about Popoky is that it’s constantly updating new topics and new languages for users to choose from. I also love how I can ask questions and get answers from other users quickly.

Vu Duc

Viet Nam

I usually find it hard to remember English words, but since I learned with Popoky, the lovely illustrated images and pronunciation sounds asociated with each words have made it easier to remember new words.

Toan Tran

Viet Nam

Not only can you learn but you can also earn rewards to exchange for gifts. Incredible! It is the most addictive vocabulary app I have ever known!

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